Key competencies

We keep all important competences in-house so that we can respond flexibly to our customers' demands and change priorities if necessary. We have established network of suppliers that we use in case of a lack of our own capacity.


    We program CNC machining offline to achieve higher productivity. Production is recorded online from each CNC, and thanks to this we always have up-to-date information on the state of production.
  • 5x CNC machining center Hyundai
  • 1x CNC lathe Hyundai
  • Conventional nilling machine
  • Conventional lathe
  • Deburring machine
  • Threading machine
  • CAD Design a Elektrical project

    Our team consists of 6 experienced mechanical designers and an electrical designer. We are developing a database of unified and sample parts and assemblies. Unification and standardization increasses efficiency within the entire company. 

    • 11x license SolidWorks 
    • 1x license CATIA
    • 1x license EPLAN
    • 1x license Simatic Siemens


    In our locksmith workshop, we weld frames for fixtures and workplaces up to a size of 2x3m, which we machine if necessary.

    Project management

    We have our own applications for project management, online recording of production, labor and purchase tracking. At any moment, we are able to find out the status of the given project. We are able to effectively manage projects and priorities. We regularly communicate with our customers and report the status of projects to them.

    Assembly and measuring

    Our team consists of 4 experienced assembly technicians who assemble and debug mechanics and pneumatics and 4 electrical specialists who complete switchboards and connect electrical wiring according to the electrical diagram and help programmers debug fixtures and workplaces. If necessary, we use the SPACE Plus measuring arm, or measure externally in accredited laboratories.